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Our school structure runs three classrooms based on age, needs and ability under the supervision of the Teachers and senior Teachers’ Aides. All programmes are based on the NSW Board of Studies and Australian Curriculum and offers consultation with parents and carers.

The classroom structure best suits the needs and abilities of each student:

The Purple Room has the highest need, non-verbal students. This room’s program revolves around learning basic communication skills with the help of Speech therapy, strengthening mind and body through Occupational Therapy and Physio exercises. We also focus on sensory, social skills, fun and enjoyment through daily morning circles, music, art and games.

The Blue Room works predominantly on communication and Language development as well as the K-6 Primary curriculum. The students in this room have varying disabilities and language and communication skills.

The Green Room consists only of high school students and works with the Years 7-10 Life Skills Curriculum. This room has a range of learning needs and comprehension and all students work on quite considerably varied educational programs. Older students are involved in work experience and a transition program with supported employment agencies and Community Participation groups.

All students within each classroom work on Individual Educational Programs known as IEPs. They also combine for daily activities such as morning assembly, weekly sport including Bowling and swimming at Ballina Pool. Activities such as hydrotherapy, shopping, cooking, library visits and horse riding are additional weekly activities. These activities are integrated with the Literacy and Numeracy Key Learning Areas and also incorporate into other Key Learning Areas such as HSIE, PDHPE, Science, Art and Music.