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Our students participate in a range of regular activities throughout the week, as well as occasional excursions and outings into the community. Our regular activities include:

Shopping and cooking. The focus for shopping is on money handling, budgeting and independent shopping skills. The shopping group will decide what they want to cook, how much money will be needed, write out a shopping list with the ingredients and find the ingredients at the local shops.

The cooking class learn about hygiene and food handling and independent cooking skills such as cutting, stirring, baking etc.

Horse riding with Riding for the Disabled (RDA). Riding for the Disabled is a volunteer organisation providing equine assisted activities for people with disabilities to develop and enhance abilities. The lessons are tailored for each participant according to their ability. The programme incorporates therapeutic, educational and recreational aspects. The emphasis in an RDA programme is always focused on the individual and his/her abilities to achieve to the best of that ability.

Library visits in Ballina. Each week the students visit the library and are able to independently choose some books, CD-Roms, music CDs or a DVD. The objectives of these visits are to encourage appropriate behaviour in the community and access different services and places. As well to encourage independence and communication with others such as the Librarians when borrowing their books.

Hydrotherapy and Swimming at Biala and Ballina Pool. Swimming is a popular activity for most of our students and encourages fitness and physical strength, relaxation, fun and muscular therapy. It is also part of our community access program where students are encouraged to behave appropriately when out in the community and around others.

Our students participate in sports activities. These include physical exercise, team sports and skills, yoga, strengthening and balance, bike riding, Zumba and obstacle courses which encourage fundamental skills such as jumping, throwing, skipping, crawling etc. We also access Ten Pin Bowling at Ballina Ten Pin Bowl.

Sensory programs run in the Sensory room as advised by and consulted with Occupational therapists and teaching staff. These programs are designed to enhance sensory stimulation which promote calmness, mental alertness and less anxiety.