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It is very important to know what options are available to students and their families when they graduate and leave school. There are some big decisions and choices that have to be made and it can be a daunting time for families. Biala Special School understands this and work towards easing some of the uncertainties by informing parents and beginning an early transitioning program for the older students.

Over the years, Biala Special School has built good networks with the local service providers in the Ballina, Lismore, Byron Bay and Casino areas. This includes both Transition to Work programs (TTW) and Community Participation Programs (CPP).

Our older students have access to work experiences with different Supported Employment agencies as well as familiarising with different CPP organisations and their programs. In the last year of schooling our student’s begin increasing transitioning time with the service provider of their choice. This becomes part of the student’s weekly school program and is supported by our teaching staff.

For more information on Post-school options for students with disabilities contact ADHC on 1300 364 563 or (02) 6621 1400.