Melaleuca House

Melaleuca House

What is Client Support

Biala provides support to people with disabilities and their families and offers services to support them to live more independently and be a part of their community. Biala can offer “In Home” or “Out of Home” support.

Client Support is defined as support that enables people with disability to live more independently in relation to the tasks of daily living, social/community supports and life skills.

The different types of Client Support

Direct Client Support – This support type can occur “In home”, “Out of Home”, or “In the Community”.

Indirect Client Support – Funding can be used to purchase indirect support such as therapy, aids, family breaks, etc.

Brokered Client Support – This is a funding arrangement where Biala Support Services  delivers support through its own workers on behalf of another agency. This will entail the use of a brokerage arrangement set up  with other funding bodies such as Carer Respite Centre or other organisations. Brokered Client Support can be a short term, one off, respite or an ongoing support arrangement.

Flexible Client Support – Biala’s Flexible Client Support service aims to help carers maintain their caring role by:

  • Offering time limited client support to carers so they can take some time out for themselves;
  • Being flexible in service planning and service delivery;
  • Employing suitably qualified staff to  ensure peace of mind;
  • Making referrals where requested and/or identified;
  • Providing up to date advice and information on respite options for carers;
  • Forging and maintaining working relationships with regional Service Providers and Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres.


Biala’s respite services recognises that traditional indigenous communities may share the care and support role so identifying a primary carer may be difficult. Where this is the case, Biala will tailor the service accordingly.

Client Support Operates out of

  • Melaleuca House – A dedicated house that Biala uses for programs and support. For more information click on the following link
  • Clients homes; and
  • The Community.

Regions Biala’s Client Support covers

  • Lismore region;
  • Byron Bay region; and
  • Ballina region.

Our staff can come to you.

What Happens When I Access the Service?

When you contact the coordinator of the service they will make an initial assessment and help you in developing your support plan.

The Service Manager will gather some preliminary information from you. This will include:

  • General information about you and the person you care for such as your name and address;
  • What you need and what you want to achieve;
  • Any other information such as the persons likes / dislikes, any behavioural support that may be required, and any medication the client may be taking.

This helps us determine how the  service can best meet their needs.

Some of the supports you can choose are:

  • Personal care – showering, shaving etc.;
  • Social Support – to attend activities and outings;
  • Learning new skills – safety, life skills such as cooking, dressing, finances;
  • Recreation/interest – beach walks, photography, art;
  • Respite for family – Melaleuca House, weekends away;
  • Therapy support – Speech, physio, OT;
  • Aids and equipment – walker, shower chair etc.;
  • Family and relationships – birds and bees, meeting new friends etc.;
  • Work/day occupation – TAFE, community participation, volunteering etc.;
  • Accomodation – moving out of home etc.

Medication and Medical

All medication needs to be prescribed by a doctor and Biala requires a doctors printout to be supplied listing all current medication taken (prescription, over the counter, and PRN), the dosage and time to be taken.

Biala has a medication policy that requires all people needing medication to have their medication packaged in a Webster-pak or its original pharmacological packaging with the dosage and time of administration printed on it if it is to be administered by a staff member.


  • Biala cannot accept any medication not in its original packaging or dispensed into another container.
  • All medication must be dated with the date of packaging and opening to ensure Biala’s medical standards are met.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency (medical or otherwise), any medical emergencies will be managed in accordance with Biala’s policies and reporting hierarchy.

Service Fees

Biala has a fee schedule for its supports provided. This will be discussed with you at the time of your enquiry about the service.


  • Service users funding covers staff support, transport, coordination and planning. However any expenses relating to the program cost need to be paid for. (i.e. costs can range from RDA, to movie tickets, to lunches, to admission fees etc.)

Looking for more information?

For more information, or an opportunity to discuss how we can help you, please contact our Client Services Manager, Sam Jones on 6686 4763 during business hours. Or you can email your enquiry through to and we will get back to you.