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About North Coast Fun Club

North Coast Fun Club (NCFC) is assisted with funding by Family & Community Services – Ageing Disability & Home Care and auspiced by Biala Support Services Inc. (BSS Inc).

North Coast Fun Club (NCFC) provides monthly planned, safe, appropriate and supported outings and activities to clients who have an intellectual disability who are aged 18 years of age and older.

The NCFC Coordinator attends each NCFC outing and activity. One other paid staff member and volunteers also assist on each outing to support clients.

Application Referral Process

  • Contact North Coast Fun Club by phoning 6624 6615 (after hours) or 0407 174 555
  • Application / referral forms will be posted to you
  • After NCFC / Biala Support Services Inc. has received your completed forms and if you are deemed eligible, you will be sent regular flyers about upcoming outings and activities, Newsletters and information.

How We Assist Clients

The Coordinator will contact you to get as much client information as possible to enable NCFC to be able to provide appropriate support to allow the client to enjoy their time out with us. (Thus allowing carers some ‘time out’ safe in the knowledge that thier loved one is being cared for as professionally and sensitively as possible.)

The Coordinator will conduct a risk assessment to eliminate any risks to the client or staff in the support of a client while in our care.

If necessary, a care plan will be formulated in conjunction with the carer / service provider etc. to enable us to provide the best possible care for the client. Please note: In some cases, where the client’s needs are high, NCFC may not have enough staff available to be able to support the client. If this happens, you will be assisted to try to gain funding from other sources for a Support Worker to be organised to provide one to one individual care to the client.

How To Book NCFC Outings

After you receive a flyer/s please ring the Coordinator of NCFC on 6624 6615 to book in for the outing that you would like to attend.

Please let the Coordinator know if you need transport for the outing. There is limited transport and it books out very fast. Please note: The Coordinator is not always available so when you ring you may get an answering machine. So PLEASE leave a message!

Things We Do


  • Picnics and BBQs at local parks and swimming venues
  • Go to the local Clubs for dinner and dancing
  • Go to dances specifically for people who have disabilities
  • Go to the movies followed by lunch or dinner
  • Go to theme parks
  • Visit local attractions
  • Once a year sleepover at Melaleuca House for the women and Biala special School (camping) for the guys. We usually go out for dinner and a dance on the night of a sleepover. And much more…..

Future Goals and Aims

  • Soon we hope to have another bus which will mean that more clients will be able to attend NCFC outings and events.
  • A hydrotherapy pool is soon to be installed on the grounds of Biala Special School. We hope to provide weekly water aerobics classes to assist with health, fitness and well being for clients, carers and staff.
  • Seek additional $ from sponsorships / donations from local businesses and interested persons to help meet costs and even provide more NCFC outings.


So if you are interested please contact the NCFC Coordinator or Manager of Biala Support Services Inc. on 6686 4763. There is paperwork and a police check that will need to be completed before you can work with clients.