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About Melaleuca House

Melaleuca House is under the auspice of Biala Support Services Inc., and is set in leafy East Ballina. It provides a home away from home for people with disabilities. Melaleuca House Respite Facility provides centre-based respite care for people with disabilities to stay in a safe, supervised environment while their carers take some time for themselves while having peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands. Families or organisations may also wish to hire Melaleuca House for a weekend holiday. It is an excellent location being close to the beach and community facilities.

Our Vision

  • RESPOND to the needs and wants of the individual
  • RESPECT and treat each individual with sensitivity and understanding
  • CARE for every individual and help them to be as independent as possible and have fun
  • PROFESSIONAL staff who provide comfort and reassurance
  • FLEXIBLE staff who offer individuals appropriate support and activities

What is Respite Care

Respite care allows a caregiver some time to themselves so they can ‘recharge their batteries’ and improve mental and physical well-being, better enabling carers to handle the responsibilities and stress of caring.

How to Receive Respite Care

Melaleuca House Respite Facility can be accessed through funding packages or through private booking and payment.

Biala also provides quality professional caring staff if you require a carer.

If you need support to access funding, please phone the Respite Co-ordinator at Biala Support Services for more information.

Phone: (02) 6686 4763

Fax: (02) 6681 4785

E-mail: enquiries@biala.org.au